Episode 1: May All Your Homes be Haunted

Fear is the Fire that Lights the Heart
Fear is the Fire that Lights the Heart
Episode 1: May All Your Homes be Haunted

Welcome, oh fellowship of fiends, to Fear is the Fire that Lights the Heart. A humble podcast, where we delve into the darkness that dwells beyond the edges of genre. Each episode we’re going to gather up a roundtable of writers, editors, and publishers to discuss the most beloved of all genres, horror. Today we discuss a dusty old skeleton of story, shoved in the dungeons beneath our soil. That, of a haunted place. Sometimes it’s a house, sometimes it’s an apartment building, and sometimes it’s something far, far worse.

What terrors lie inside this exhumed corpse? Step inside, let’s find out. I’m your host, Paul Jessup. Author of the book Glass House, a cosmic horror haunted house novel (buy a copy from amazon), and the H Word article about haunted houses and ontological horror called Someone Changed the Bones in Our Homes (in Nightmare Magazine).

Joining us on our first episode ever is Nadia Bulkin (editor of Why Didn’t You Just Leave, and author of She Said Destroy), Frances Lu-Pai Ippolito (founder/editor of Demagogue Press and editor of Cozy Cosmic anthology), and Aimee Picchi author of 9 Lies You Tell Yourself about Ghost Hunting and Image Not Found: Francesca’s Bridge (upcoming in the December issue of Deadlands).

Mentioned in this episode:
The Haunting of Hill House
The Stone Tape
Imaginary Worlds podcast’s Haunted Housing Market
Kelly Link’s Stone Animals
Burnt Offerings

Opening song Spooky Spells by Joel Steudler.

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